City Council Approves Ordinance Requiring Sprinklers In New Homes

LAS VEGAS, NV – Las Vegas City Council approved an ordinance Wednesday requiring all new homes built within the city to be equipped with fire sprinklers. The ordinance passed without any opposition.

The city cited research that indicates contemporary building materials have increased the dangers associated with home fires and the chance of surviving a house fire increases by 97 percent if the home has sprinklers.

All new homes built in Las Vegas that are less than 5,000 square feet will be required to have sprinklers installed, at an estimated cost of $1.50 per square foot. Added home value and reduced insurance costs, the city said, will offset the costs of the sprinklers within a year and a half. The city of Henderson currently requires sprinklers be installed in all new homes as well.

Image via Julie Jacobson/Associated Press

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